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For Guests with Dogs

Dogs are permitted outside of school and public holidays times only and are allowed with special conditions.  If your dog is a barker – consider leaving it at home. 

• All dogs are to be kept on their site and not be allowed to wander around off leash.
• You may walk your dog on a leash in the campground. There is also plenty of area to walk your dog outside of the campground, for example the walking tracks and near the wood pile. Provided your dog comes back on command you can give them some leash free time on the hill at the back of the wood pile.
• All dog droppings are to be picked up and disposed of in a bag in red lid garbage bins.
• Dogs must not be a nuisance to other campers and MUST NOT continuously bark. We will not hesitate to ask you to take your dog at home if there are any issues.
• Disturbance to native wildlife will not be tolerated.
• There is a special swimming area set aside for dogs. A sign indicates the spot. Please do not allow your dog to swim in the general swimming hole or the above penalty will apply.
• Dogs are NEVER allowed in the amenities block, or in the laundry.

These rules allow all campers to enjoy their camping experience at Knorrit Flat Riverside Camp.

Remember – you may find your dog loveable and cute, but not everyone feels the same way.

Respect the rules – and guests and their dogs will always be welcome at Knorrit Flat, but remember to request permission to bring your pet prior to arrival.