Dog Rules

Rules for Guests with Dogs
A deposit of $50.00 is now required for all guests who have permission from management to bring their dogs to Knorrit Flat Riverside Retreat. When all rules and conditions are complied with this deposit will be fully refunded.

Bruce is in charge of the Dog Rules

Failure to comply with these rules could result in no refund and in some cases guests and their pets being asked to leave the park with no refund of their camping fees.

• All dogs are to be kept on their site and not be allowed to wander around.
• You may walk your dog on a leash in the campground. There is also plenty of area to walk your dog outside of the campground, for example the walking tracks, wood shed and hills, around the orchard and chicken coop is allowed but please not in the homestead itself. Provided your dog is under control and comes back on command you can give them some leash free time on the hill over near the orchard area.
• All dog droppings are to be picked up and disposed of in a bag in red lid garbage bins.
• Dogs must not be a nuisance to other campers and MUST NOT continuously bark.
• No disturbance to the wild life.
• There is a special swimming area constructed for dogs to swim. There is a sign indicating which swimming hole is allocated to dogs. Please do not allow your dog to swim in the general swimming hole or the above penalty will apply.
• Do not allow your dog in the sand pit.
• Dogs are NOT allowed in the amenities block.
• These rules are to allow all campers to enjoy their camping experience at Knorrit Flat Riverside Retreat. Remember that as lovable and cute as you may find your pooch, not everyone feels the same way. We wish for all our campers to have an enjoyable experience while staying with us.

If these rules are not followed by all our guests we may have to change our decision to allow people to bring their pets with them. Remember to please request permission to bring your pet prior to arrival.

Thank you for your co-operation
John & Rhonda Quinell